Ep4. In conversation with... Dhiren Master

Oliver Matejka

Brand and Comms Lead


Ep4. In conversation with... Dhiren Master, Insights Director at Salary Finance

Over the coming weeks, as workplaces across the world navigate the challenges posed by the developing pandemic, our 'In conversation with...' podcast will explore the implications to workplace mental health with field experts.

This episode explores the links between financial wellness and mental health, how both are being impacted by unfolding events, and the three steps every manager must take to help their teams through these uncertain times. 

Hosted by Unmimd’s CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Nick Taylor, episode four welcomes Dhiren Master, Insights Director at Salary Finance.

Tune in as Nick and Dhiren discuss:

  • The links between financial wellness and mental health.
  • Navigating anxieties relating to shorter working hours, reduced pay, redundancies, and new job searches.
  • The unexpected expenses involved in homeschooling and remote working.
  • Why employers need to be clear, empathetic, and connected.

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In our next episode, we'll be speaking to Josh Krichefski, CEO EMEA at MediaCom.

For further support...

To find out more about managing workplace mental health with Unmind, get in touch following this link. 

For further advice on managing individual wellbeing in the midst of coronavirus, read Mind’s latest guidance.

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