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Showcasing Client Success: How our in-house trailblazers boost your business's mental health

Sam Musguin-Rowe



The job spec's simple: deliver non-stop success for Unmind clients, while improving the mental wellbeing of their employees. Find out how we achieve it, and what we can do for your organisation, below.

Here at Unmind, we're mega proud of our digital platform. But we never lose sight of the power of our people. And as part of our ongoing mission to improve the mental wellbeing of 10 million employees around the world, our Client Success department is key. 


We're glad you asked. Because we've put together a new, dedicated handbook to explain just that.

In Adding a human touch to digital – Showcasing Client Success at Unmind, you'll discover:

What Client Success means at Unmind, and the department's role in boosting a company's return – and value – on investment.

How Client Success Managers (CSMs) deliver "non-stop success" as standard, to the likes of Asos, John Lewis, British Airways, Samsung, and Uber.

The four scientific pillars that ensure Unmind stands out from other digital mental health providers.

What CSMs, Unmind Support staff, and our successful clients have to say about the department, as well as each other.

Click the link below to download the handbook, and take your first leap towards a future that's happy, healthy and, above all, successful.

For further guidance

To find out more about launching a proactive and preventative workplace mental health strategy with Unmind, get in touch following this link.