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We use clinical, organisational and positive psychology to get under the skin of your company, pinpoint wellbeing challenges and empower the right people, with the right care, at the right time. How? Head to our Built for Enterprise page to find out.

Data-led wellbeing strategy

Unmind Insights gives you a data-driven view of organisational wellbeing – providing the insights, and actions, you need to drive lasting change.

Lead with empathy

Unmind Managers is ever-evolving learning. From mastering self-care to nurturing high performance, your leaders can build the confidence and know-how they need to drive change with their teams.

World-class wellbeing

Unmind Elevate is crafted by expert psychologists and wellbeing pros. Our proactive and preventative tools can help your people sleep deeper, stress less, and lead more fulfilling lives – at work, and at home.

Human-to-human support

Unmind Talk unlocks a global network of accredited mental health practitioners. Your people can find someone to talk to within minutes in the Unmind platform.

Critical team support

Unmind Help integrates the most important aspects of a traditional EAP with Unmind’s next generation of employee support giving employees a holistic wellbeing experience.

Set the tone from the top

Unmind Exec helps the C-suite to unlock wellbeing as a strategic advantage through tailored leadership development programmes and impact consulting.

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Why wellbeing matters

Mental ill-health is bad for your people and your business.

How much could Unmind save your organisation?

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employees are struggling with a mental health issue


days are lost every year to work-related mental ill-health


the annual cost of mental ill-health to organisations

Estimates based on leading industry and academic data from Deloitte, Health and Safety Executive and peer reviewed studies.

Our scientific studies

We continually study our platform to understand the real-world benefits

Collaborating with top mental health experts, we live our values by contributing to mental health knowledge and supporting academic research


estimated annual productivity saving per employee experiencing low mood or sleep difficulties (01)


of participants reported a reduction in stress levels (02)


minutes extra sleep a night for people with sleep difficulties (01)

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“It taught me how to have conversations with people, how to listen, and how you don’t have to be afraid of leaning into a conversation with someone about their mental health.”

Avelon Thompson

DEI Business Partner at Mediacom


employees globally


of managers reported an increase in knowledge

“We wanted to help managers nurture the right conversations and better support their teams, so giving them access to Unmind Managers was a no-brainer. Ultimately this leads to happier and better performing teams.”

Stella Gavinho

Group Head of Wellbeing at Entain


employees globally


of managers found this training helpful

"Unmind meets our unique demands and has such a diverse breadth of content that anyone can find a tool or exercise that will work for them. I am excited to achieve our goal of establishing a mentally healthy workplace."

Isabel Caro

Senior Co-ordinator, Mental Health & Safety Programs at MLB


employees globally


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Let’s talk wellbeing at work

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Economides, M., Male, R., Bolton, H., & Cavanagh, K. (2023). Feasibility and preliminary efficacy of mobile tools to improve sleep health in working adults experiencing poor sleep: a multi-arm randomized pilot trial. Sleep, zsad053, https://doi.org/10.1093/sleep/zsad053
(02) Economides, M., Bolton, H., Male, R., & Cavanagh, K. (2022). Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of Web-Based and Mobile Interventions for Common Mental Health Problems in Working Adults: Multi-Arm Randomized Pilot Trial. JMIR Form Res.; 6(3):e34032, doi: 10.2196/34032