Drive change across the whole organisation with insights for leaders, training for managers and support that meets your people where they are.

Making work life easy

Software integration, made seamless

Unmind integrates with 170+ HRIS systems so slots easily into the platforms that your employees already use.

Built for a global workforce

With multilingual tools and therapists in every major timezone, it’s easy to roll out Unmind across your global team.

an approach that follows official guidelines

World Health Organization

Guidelines on mental health at work

ISO 45003

Psychological health and safety at work

U.S. Surgeon General

Framework for workplace mental health & wellbeing

Safe Work Australia

Managing psychosocial hazards at work

Security as standard, accessibility assured

ISO 27001 certified

Cyber Essentials certified

GDPR compliant

HIPAA compliant

AA Accessibility

Single Sign On (SSO)

Adding a human touch to digital

Partner with our industry-leading Client Success team. You’ll get the tools, insights and personalised tips you need to shape your workplace wellbeing strategy.

Campaign-driven engagement

Get organisation-wide awareness, engagement and uptake with marketing campaigns that dazzle.

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