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About Unmind

People Power

We believe mental wellbeing is integral to a successful workforce. If your staff aren’t thriving, then neither is your organisation.

Clinically Backed

We've worked with the world's best psychologists, neuroscientists, and behavioural experts to develop our clinically-backed tools and training.

Flexible Programmes

We understand that your colleagues are busy – which is why our platform has been designed to work around hectic schedules.


Our Solution

We've created a library of sessions to help employees proactively improve their mental wellbeing - be it stress, focus or sleep. Think of it as a world-class gym for the mind. Every programme is based on cutting-edge science and divided into bitesize chunks for busy diaries.... Oh, and it's a cinch to roll out.

Even the strongest of minds can grow weary sometimes. That’s why we’ve curated a toolbox of evidenced-based interventions for your employees to utilise in times of need. Mindfulness, breathing exercises, stretching and more can be accessed in just a few clicks. We can also provide realtime support or signpost your EAP provider if desired.

We use clinically-backed outcome measures to capture the positive impact of Unmind. Our anonymised, aggregated dashboard makes it easy to follow data trends across the company; whilst our private mood tracker gives employees the opportunity to spot patterns and enhance self-awareness.

Unmind is built on two key principles: privacy and engagement. By using the latest technology in each case, we’re extremely confident that your organisation will not only love our platform, but trust it too. From our friendly bot to the backend fortress, it can be used securely by anyone, anywhere, on any device.

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Outcomes & ROI

Our programmes are backed-up by rigorous science and the latest research.

92% of employees show improvement in wellbeing following our courses.

On average, each employee finds that Unmind gives them:

11.2% more Energy
16.7% more Happiness
11.9% more Confidence
13.5% more Hopefulness
20.2% more Relaxation

How many employees are in your organisation?*


350 colleagues

are currently struggling with some form of mental health issue.

140 colleagues

have experienced a problem at some point and felt unable to discuss it.

30 days

lost per year due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety.

* figures are estimated and based on UK research

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