Trending now: 7 things set to shape workplace mental health in 2022

Sam Musguin-Rowe


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After the upheaval of 2020, and 2021’s non-stop uncertainty, learn why the next 12-months are all about cultural change. Plus, what you (yes, you) can do to make it stick.

No one on Earth could’ve guessed how the past two years would play out. Or how tricky it is to restart a way of life – or way of working – once it’s been shaken up like a vicious cocktail.

But maybe that’s because there is no going back. Our lives, and our workplaces, have changed forever.

And yet, to emphasise a well-worn phrase: every crisis is an opportunity.

The pandemic supercharged conversations about mental health, both in and out of work. From something only seen in the context of mental illness – experienced by 1 in 6 people – to something we all have, every minute of the day. More than that, understanding (and managing) our own minds is the key to a happy, balanced, and fulfilling life.

So, after 2020’s massive shake-up, and 2021’s stop-startiness, 2022 is set to be all about action. Specifically, around cultural change.

We base this on hard data. That is, the collective brainpower of 1,500 HR decision-makers across the world – who have had their say on where we’re at, as well as what’s ahead, in workplace wellbeing.

In our new handbook,  7 trends that will shape workplace mental health in 2022, you’ll discover:

  • The seven most important themes in workplace wellbeing, based on a survey that interviewed 1,500 HR decision-makers across the UK, North America, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Exclusive insight from mental health leaders (at Aon and BP), about their wellbeing priorities for the next 12-months, plus the major innovations they expect to see.
  • The benefit of a whole-person, whole-organisation approach to workplace wellbeing.
  • The role employees, people managers, senior leaders and execs have in delivering lasting cultural change.

And much more.

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No need to wait – the report is ready now, and yours to enjoy. To get started, just click the link here.

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