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Exploring parenting in today’s world: Highlights from our latest session

Hilary Johnson

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We recently hosted a Member Space session that’s close to our hearts, “Parenting in a Culture of Never Enough,” and we’re still buzzing from the experience. Held as part of our Spaces programme, it was a hit with parents in our community, who showed up in impressive numbers, ready to engage and connect.

Dr. Kati Adeseko, led the session with warmth and wisdom. She provided an insightful and realistic exploration of modern parenting, debunking high-performance parenting myths and navigating its challenges by promoting growth and understanding. Dr. Kati also emphasized the importance of tailored parenting approaches, self-care, and self-compassion, offering practical strategies to enhance the parenting journey.

The joy of coming together

Seeing so many parents from our community in one place was truly something special. Getting together like this reminded us that we’re all part of a bigger community, sharing similar challenges and triumphs. It was heartwarming to witness such a large gathering of parents from our community, all in one space. This unique assembly served as a beautiful reminder of the shared journey we're on—not just as individuals, but as a collective. It highlighted that, despite our diverse paths, we're united by common experiences, facing challenges and celebrating victories together. This sense of unity and shared purpose truly makes our community stronger and more connected.

Key takeaways

  • Realistic parenting perspective: Dr Kati Adeseko, blending professional insights with personal experience, emphasized a realistic, non-judgmental approach to parenting, moving away from the pursuit of perfection towards a more relatable and practical perspective.
  • Embracing imperfection in parenting: We delved into the idea that parenting is not about achieving perfection, but about being authentic, making mistakes, and learning from them. This approach acknowledges the unpredictable nature of life with children and the limits of textbook theories in real-world parenting.
  • Balancing high expectations: The session focused on navigating the high-pressure environment of modern parenting. It highlighted the importance of adapting parenting styles to individual family needs and the value of self-compassion and self-care.
  • Journey of growth and understanding: A key theme was the shift from striving for perfection to embracing a journey of personal growth and understanding, both for parents and their children.
  • Parenting in a 'village-less' world: The webinar touched on the challenges of parenting without extensive community support, recognizing the multiple roles parents play and the intense pressures of modern society.
  • Navigating surprises: We discussed the stark contrast between pre-parenting ideals and the realities that come with actual parenting, emphasizing the need to adapt and stay flexible.
  • Core responsibilities of parenting: Dr Kati Adeseko highlighted three fundamental responsibilities of parents: offering unconditional love, providing a safe environment, and setting boundaries while acknowledging children's emotions.
  • Effective communication and boundary-setting: The importance of validating children's feelings while enforcing necessary boundaries was discussed. The session also addressed the balance in communication, especially when children are emotionally overwhelmed.
  • Personalized parenting approaches: It was acknowledged that parenting styles are influenced by various factors, including socioeconomic status, cultural backgrounds, and personal experiences.
  • The dynamic journey of parenting: The webinar underlined that parenting is a dynamic relationship, not a one-way process. Positive parenting was emphasized as vital for healthy child development and building resilience, especially in disadvantaged situations.
  • Embracing vulnerability and self-support: Finally, the importance of self-support, embracing vulnerability, and letting go of perfectionism in the face of parenting challenges was a key message of the session. These insights present a comprehensive view of parenting, highlighting the balance between understanding theoretical knowledge and applying it flexibly in the diverse realities of everyday life.
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Learn more with us

If you couldn’t join us or you’re keen to keep the momentum going, we’ve got just the thing. Our Positive Parenting Course is available online and through our app. For more information and to continue your journey towards more fulfilling parenting, visit Unmind Wellbeing.

We're excited to share more with you and support you as you cultivate a thriving family life. Thanks to all who joined, and we’re looking forward to welcoming even more of you next time!