Product Spotlight

Introducing measurement-based care with Session Prep

January 11, 2024

Andrea Saez

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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We're excited to announce the launch of Session Prep, a new feature that will ensure each session with an Unmind coach or therapist provides a solid step towards achieving personal and professional goals.

The tool is designed to enhance the effectiveness of mental health care for all employees within an organization, solidifying our commitment to quality and personalized care for everyone in the workplace.

Why does measurement-based care matter?

At Unmind we believe that talking to a therapist or coach should have an impact and provide tangible, measurable results.

Using principles of measurement-based care, Session Prep enables Unmind to critically evaluate the quality of our services in order to improve individual well-being, while helping organizations gauge the impact of mental health on business performance. By asking specific questions around anxiety and depression and their impact on work performance, practitioners can tailor sessions to employees' needs, using their responses to maintain ongoing care. 

By using clear, objective measurements, practitioners can see how mental health is changing over time. Data is a key part of this process, enabling therapists to:

  • Pinpoint which symptoms need more attention
  • Identify progress and areas where someone is doing better
  • Recognise out which approaches are helping the most, and how to build on them

Both practitioner and employee are empowered to navigate the session with intention and direction, ensuring sensitivity, and facilitating the session through data.

How it works

Before starting a session, employees will be guided to complete questions about their mental health and their current performance at work. This provides opportunity for reflection, highlighting any specific areas they may want to raise during their session.

Leveraging insights gained from responses, Unmind Talk sessions are tailored to each individual's specific needs, focusing on individual growth and wellbeing.

Session Prep on employee's account - Unmind

Prompts are thoughtfully spaced to allow sufficient intervals between check-ins and effectively track progress over time.  Answers will be shared exclusively with the practitioner, maintaining confidentiality, as well as providing a platform for action-based conversations.

Session prep is made up of research-backed, clinically validated measures which feature standardized scoring systems which help guide clinical decisions. Translated into multiple languages and validated for use with global populations, these will be used across our global client base. These capture absenteeism and presenteeism which are the two most important constructs that factor into workplace productivity and costs, enabling us to calculate ROI for our clients.

What’s next?

Session Prep strengthens Unmind's approach to mental health care in the workplace. It offers practitioners insights into employees' well-being, ensuring Talk sessions are personalized and effective. With its clinical validation and workplace focus, this feature enhances the quality of care, aligning interventions with employees' specific needs and professional contexts.

Employees benefit from a tailored experience, where sessions are informed by their unique mental health journey. 

Therapists and coaches can track changes in scores over time, allowing them to keep track of  progress and work towards concrete, achievable goals. This ongoing assessment creates a dynamic and responsive therapy process, where the evolution of mental health can be observed and addressed effectively.

Ultimately, Session Prep represents a step forward in our commitment to improving workplace mental health, ensuring therapy and coaching is both relevant and effective.