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Are you burned out or just tired? Find out in 15 minutes

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Jonathan Malesic is an essayist, journalist and scholar. He is the author of The End of Burnout – a book that will transform how you look at the syndrome. Jon took 15 minutes to explain why he became an accidental burnout expert, and how you can support your staff.

Jonathan Malesic had his dream job, but he was miserable. Exhausted. Lacking purpose. Burned out.

He tried taking time to recharge, but it didn’t work. No amount of duvet days or mountain walks made a difference. Within weeks of going back to work, he felt as bad as ever.

So, Jon took a bold leap: he quit his job – embarking on a quest instead. He wanted to know: why did he feel like this? More importantly: what could he do about it?

The result is his new book, The End of Burnout: Why Work Drains Us and How to Build Better Lives. It’s a fresh, innovative guide to the misunderstood and dangerous workplace scourge that is burnout.

Jon took 15 minutes out to chat to Unmind’s Clinical Psychologist, Sofia Gerbase, about his own personal journey and his learnings on burnout. Prepare for a lot of feeling seen, and some real aha! moments.

Watch now and discover:

  • What burnout is (and isn’t!), and how it differs from exhaustion.
  • What causes burnout, and whether you have it.
  • How society gets burnout wrong (and how many companies even encourage it).
  • What employers and employees can do to address the problem.


And what is burnout? Well, whatever people say it is, that’s what it isn’t. Confused? Clear 15 minutes in your iCal, and let Jon and Dr Sofia explain.

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