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Life at Unmind: How we work

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2023 update: We're still one of the most flexible companies out there! 🎉

It's official – we’re one of the most flexible companies in the world! And now we're sharing our ways of working with everyone.

Creating an inclusive, flexible working environment is a big deal – do it right, and you'll build a workplace that can fit the different needs and lifestyles of everyone in it – even as they change over time. 

At Unmind, we've built something unique: a flexible and hybrid style of working.

It's a one-of-a-kind approach, but we created it carefully so Unminders can choose their preferred way of working, and have a collaborative space to connect with others, IRL.

Now, we're sharing our workplace secrets with you (well, almost – we won't reveal where our famous laptop sticker stash is hidden). Everything below is straight from the pages of our handbook. So it will give you a pretty clear picture of what it's like to work here, and the values that will shape our future as we grow. 

We're a flexible-first workplace

The Covid-19 pandemic transformed the way we work, and we've seized the opportunity to make a positive difference to our working patterns and behaviours at Unmind.

These are our guiding principles, defining our approach to enable every Unminder to feel fulfilled at work, whether that is from home, in one of our global offices, or somewhere in between.

Introducing: Unmind's guiding principles


Everyone joins their team for a specific ‘team day’ in the office once a week. And we’ll give you a dedicated office space that fits your needs. 


Outside of their team day, Unminders can choose to work when and where is best for them.

🙌 Connection

We encourage Unminders to use our shared offices and workspaces to connect with each other and prioritise collaborative work.

💪 Flexibility

Working rhythms will be different for every Unminder. Outside of your team day and core working hours, you can work flexibly!

🤲 Responsibility

We commit to making considerate choices in our working hours and location, prioritising what's best for our team and not just ourselves.


Unmind will always provide dedicated office space, available whenever you need it, that caters to both deep focus work free from distractions and open collaboration space.

✍️ Transparency  

We're making sure all our tools, such as Slack and G-Cal, are set up to communicate how and where we're choosing to work.

We're also a hybrid workplace

Every Unminder is empowered to work at a time that suits them – just be mindful of core business hours, meetings you need to attend, and the availability of your team.

To keep that in-person connection between teams, we ask Unminders to join their team and work in the office at least once a week for their team day. Where you choose to work the rest of your working week is up to you!

But we're also quite flexible on this to suit your lifestyle: Unminders can work from anywhere a couple of times a year. So if you want to extend a holiday, try working from a different location or spend time with family – you can!

And we're winning awards for the way work!

Healthcare + health tech - insta@1x

For the last two years, Flexa has ranked us in their top 100 'Most Flexible Places To Work'.

In 2022, they rated us the 5th most flexible healthtech and healthcare company out there!

You can check the all-important criteria they used to rate us  here.

Now, awards aren't everything – but our People team put a lot of thought and time into making sure everything we do is truly inclusive in principle and practice – so it's important to know we're getting it right. And we're proud to.


Oh, and we're hiring!

Like what you see? Are you thinking 'This is the blend of community and flexibility that I've always dreamed of!', or 'How do I get my hands on those stickers?!' Check out our current roles here.