Navigating work: Insights from our 'Having difficult conversations' workshop

Hilary Johnson

VP of Product

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Last month,we held a workshop that's truly essential for any professional toolkit: 'Having Difficult Conversations,' expertly guided by Dr. Erica Simon. The workshop brought our community together to tackle one of the workplace's trickiest aspects.

The power of communication

There was a really great turnout and engagement in the workshop.  We delved into what makes certain conversations so daunting. Dr. Erica Simon gave us with tools to handle conversations with grace and composure.

Workshop wisdom: The takeaways

Here's a snapshot of the profound insights we gained during the workshop:

  • Listening with intent: We learned that active listening isn't passive—it's an active effort to understand and connect with the speaker's thoughts and feelings.
  • The human touch: The session highlighted the power of approaching discussions with a blend of curiosity and compassion—traits that transform confrontations into opportunities for connection.
  • Steadfast as a mountain: The 'Mountain Meditation' mindset was a  concept we explored, teaching us to remain grounded and composed, reflecting the mountain's stillness amidst the chaos of difficult exchanges.
  • Spotlight on positives: We were encouraged to shift our focus to the potential benefits of having tough conversations, like improved team dynamics and personal growth.
  • Express with empathy: The importance of clear yet empathetic communication was emphasised, ensuring our messages are delivered with the right balance of directness and kindness.
Unmind Spaces Recap: Difficult Conversations

The voice of our attendees

Here is some lovely feedback shared by some of the attendees:  

  • "Dr. Erica's approach to tough conversations opened my eyes. It’s not about winning; it’s about understanding." - Jamie L.
  • "I never realised how much I was just waiting to speak rather than listening. This workshop was a wake-up call." - Raj P.
  • "The part about embodying a mountain's calm in the face of difficult talks? Absolute gold. It's changed how I prep for meetings." - Samantha K.
  • "Finding the positive outcomes of a challenging conversation has always been tough for me. This workshop showed me how to reframe my perspective and actually look forward to them as growth opportunities." - Alex T.

What’s coming up?

The learning never stops with Unmind!

Next on the docket, we have 'Parenting in a Culture of Never Enough' with Dr. Kati Adeseko and the much-requested 'Art and Science of Journalling' with our Chief Wellness Officer, Steve Peralta.  We hope to see you there.

Until next time!