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Product spotlight: Calendar reminders

Andrea Saez

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Unmind Product Spotlight: Calendar Reminders


On today’s product spotlight Calendar Reminders, designed to help you find time for mental well-being activities, no matter how busy your schedule gets. This brand new feature is all about making your mental health journey more manageable and integrated into your daily life. 

Why calendar reminders?

We understand that in the hustle and bustle of daily life, taking time out for mental health can sometimes take a back seat. That's why we've introduced a more embedded way to keep track of your wellbeing, and ensure these activities are part of your day. These reminders are your personal nudge to pause, engage in self-care, and maintain mental wellness, making sure that your wellbeing is never a second thought.

How it works

The great thing about calendar reminders is it’s flexibility around your personal calendar:

  • Found an Unmind course you're interested in? Set a reminder to dive into it at a later date.
  • Already started a course? Schedule weekly 30-minute slots to steadily progress through it.
  • Love our daily boosts? Get a morning reminder to start your day on a positive note during your commute.

And the best part is you can add these reminders to any calendar - iCal, Google Calendar, Apple, Outlook, Yahoo - you name it.

You also have control over your privacy settings. When you add an event to your calendar, you decide if it's visible to others or just for your eyes.

Calendar Reminders

What's next

We're already thinking about how to enhance embedded wellbeing - including smarter suggestions based on your schedule. Imagine having tailored content suggestions to perfectly fit into your day. That's the direction we're headed!

Stay tuned for more updates – we’re on the road to make self-care a non-negotiable part of our everyday life.