We’ve Just Raised $10 Million to Improve Employee Mental Health

Oliver Matejka

Brand and Comms Lead

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Announcing our Series A funding round.

Over the last three years, things have moved fast here at Unmind. High growth, iconic clients (British Airways, John Lewis & Partners, ASOS, Just Eat, to name a few), collaborations with world-renowned authors, experts and clinicians, and, most importantly, tonnes of inspiring stories from our users.  

Our growth coincides with a tectonic shift in how society thinks and talks about mental health.

This is thanks, in part, to new research from government bodies and charities from around the world. Reports such as the UK’s Thriving at Work and Mental Health and Employers have harmoniously called out the vital importance of proactively supporting mental health at work and at home. On a human level, it helps build wellbeing, fulfilment, and comfort in our own skin; on an economic level, businesses get healthy, happy, and productive workforces. 

Improving mental health is a global opportunity, and with growing demand from businesses – both in the UK and overseas – we wanted to bolster our team and accelerate our growth.  

Late last year we spoke to Berlin-based investors, Project A, about our plans to measurably improve the mental health of workplaces around the world; to rebrand mental health as something inspiring and aspirational. We also continued our conversations with our friends at Felix Capital, whose earlier investment and support has proven truly pivotal in our story so far (huge thanks to Antoine, Susan, and the Felix team!). Our plans were received with excitement from both funds. 

Thanks to them, alongside other key investors – Matt Truman and the True family, Michael Whitfield and Chris Bruce founders of Thomsons Online Benefits, and Christian Angermayer and the Presight Capital team – we’re now able to execute our plans with this Series A funding round. 

Comments from the team 

Unmind Co-Founder and CEO, Dr Nick Taylor, said a few words on the announcement: “Our mental health is one of the most incredible things about being human. At Unmind, we believe that looking after our health means caring for the whole human, and by weaving work and wellbeing into one, we can build organisations where everyone can fulfil their potential. This funding will help us realise our vision of a world where mental health is universally understood, nurtured, and celebrated.”  

Antoine Nussenbaum, Partner and Co-Founder, Felix Capital, says now’s time to act on workplace mental health: “Unmind continues to demonstrate how their technology is being used to help organisations and their employees measure, manage, and improve their mental wellbeing. Supporting Unmind’s growth and success as it looks to scale and expand their business is the first step that we can do to ensure that we are part of this global movement.”

Thies Sander, Founding Partner, Project A, commented on our global prospects: “Unmind is a world-leader in digital mental health and continues to innovate across all verticals and geographies in a highly competitive space. Across the globe, we are seeing a continued, positive shift in the way that society and the workplace think about mental health. We believe that Unmind is best-placed to meet this considerable opportunity”.

Nearing the tipping point

There’s still a long way to go for workplace mental health. One in six of us will face some form of mental health issue related to work each year, while Deloitte’s latest report  shows the costs of mental ill-health have risen over the last couple of years, with UK businesses facing up to £45bn in related costs. The moral and business cases couldn’t be clearer. 

The appetite for the topic of workplace mental health is growing, which is reflected in the media, with national and trade press – including the Telegraph, Forbes, Business Insider, Business Leader, Mobihealthnews, and Sifted – covering the story of this investment. 

As a society we’re nearing the tipping point when it comes to mental health, but the stigma still needs lifting. The associated black and white, head-in-hands imagery needs refreshing; the negative narrative needs reversing; the conversations need amplifying. 

At Unmind, we’re excited to be part of this change; to help create a world where mental health is universally understood, nurtured, and celebrated.  

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