Speakers for WMHD event: Kaleidoscope ‘22 announced!

Kate Searight

Brand and Social Manager


Announcing the global lineup of speakers joining us ahead of World Mental Health Day, as the Unmind community unites to ‘shape tomorrow, together’. 

Kaleidoscope is Unmind’s annual gathering to celebrate wellbeing at work. This year we'll be joined by an all-star lineup of wellbeing experts, People practitioners, and a bestselling author as we look at how leaders can navigate crises – from the cost of living to war, pandemics to the climate emergency – for our organisations and our people. 

Featured speakers include Bruce Daisley, Arti Kashyap-Aynsley, Rebecca Hemsley, Nick Matthews, Jon Coyles, Misty Rallis, James Keshavarz, Chanai Vaznonis, Damon Klotz, Yasameen Thompson, Sue Lowe, Dr Aileen Alegado, Alison Earl and Jay Epps. 

Expect no performative promises or business clichés, just frank talks and sound advice.

Save your space for 4–5 October to hear them at Kaleidoscope 2022 in the UK, US, APAC and live streaming around the world! 

In the words of our CEO and Co-Founder,  Dr Nick Taylor:

"We don’t know what’s coming next. 

"No one does. 

"But we do know we can’t keep being caught on the back foot. If we want to look after our people in the face of uncertainty, we need cultural transformation around mental health in our organisations.

"As #WorldMentalHealthDay approaches, this is among the most important conversations we can be having – so please join us on the 4–5th of October to stand up for mental health.”

Meet the speakers: 

Group 1636

Bruce Daisley

As the ex-VP of Twitter (turned podcaster, bestselling author and workplace culture leader) Bruce is ‘fixated’ with workplace culture. He’s written two hugely influential books to put fulfilment, fortitude and – crucially – joy into the heart of working culture.

If you can’t wait for his talk in October, you can discover some of his inspiring ideas about fortitude, fewer meetings, and the quiet power of crisps (yes, really) here

“Quite often, culture lives at a team level, rather than the company level. So if you're a team leader, can you at least ensure that, irrespective of the decisions made above you, your team feel like they're motivated and enjoying their job?”

Book a space to see Bruce’s keynote live in London.


Group 1637

Arti Kashyap-Aynsley

Now Global Head of Health & Wellbeing at Ocado Group, Arti specialises in building cultures of employee wellbeing on a global scale, and has contributed to influential papers such as Deloitte’s Cost of Mental Health Report.

But beneath these vast, whole-organisation strategies, Arti’s approach reveals why even global leaders need to understand their people individually, and what they need on a personal level.    

 “Workplace wellbeing is always an important and relevant topic, and should not just be something we look at during a state of crisis. However, in a state of crises, it is even more relevant because these are times when our workforce is more impacted by the things happening around them.”  


Catch Arti speaking in ourCreating psychologically safe cultures in a crisis panel at Kaleidoscope EMEA in London. 


Group 1639-1

Nick Matthews 

Having spent over six years in the heart of Culture Amp’s ‘People Geek’ community, Nick is now a leading figure in employee experience and the workplace’s ‘culture first’ movement.


"While the worst of the pandemic may be behind us, employers must realise that staff are still dealing with hugely impactful events on a regular basis – be it the War in Ukraine, the climate crisis, and numerous social justice issues that through the global news cycle and social media are ever-present. 
"The pandemic was the turning point in demonstrating that employers have a duty of care for the wellbeing of their staff. 
"While the crisis may vary, the response should not. Workplace wellbeing is here to stay."

Catch Nick speaking on ourCreating psychologically safe cultures in a crisis panel in London.


Group 1638

Rebecca Hemsley

The John Lewis Partnership is famous for leading the way with its employee-owned, model. As Head of Wellbeing, Rebecca has led Partners in unprecedented times and knows how to build on the inherent strength of that model. For her, resilience is the whole organisation's responsibility – but more than resilience, she’s working with John Lewis Partners to build confidence and, ultimately, happiness. 

"With crises compounding, even the most resilient may begin to crack. Wellbeing is the only antidote to that struggle, and needs to be 'always on' to build sufficient resilience to cope.”

Catch Rebecca speaking on our Creating psychologically safe cultures in a crisis panel in London. 

Group 1640

Jay Epps

Throughout his career, Jay has campaigned for a proactive approach to wellbeing in the world of work. Now the Senior Manager of Work Health & Safety at QBE, he’s joining us to champion psychological safety and tackle the risks that deter it.

“Employees are key to every successful business; their wellbeing is crucial in delivering great customer outcomes and supporting the communities in which they live, work and play.”  

Catch Jay speaking in our APACCreating psychologically safe cultures in a crisis panel, online. 


Group 1641

Damon Klotz

In the words of a fellow People Geek: "Damon's experience, insight and approach is exactly what we need right now." 

As the host of the phenomenal 'Culture First' podcast, Damon's interviewed a wealth of leaders – giving him a close understanding of the urgent challenges we're facing. Speaking to Unmind's Dr Kate, he'll be sharing not only his personal knowledge, but the collective experience of people leaders worldwide.  

“While we might not be able to control the outcome of the crisis, we can control how we respond to it.”   

Catch Damon speaking to Dr Kate, our Head of Psychology, in our APAC fireside: Supporting managers to support their teams through change online


Featured Sessions

Bruce Daisley's Keynote

Bruce Daisley is on a mission to change the world of work by helping people find their professional mojo. In his keynote speech, he’ll focus on the culture of work itself; revealing a better answer to adversity than resilience, and how we can build communities that empower us and build our inner-strength.

Where to join: 

🌍 Kaleidoscope EMEA, London – 4 Oct, 6pm (book here)


Community panel: Creating psychologically safe cultures in a crisis

As the cost of living crisis rises, this interactive Q&A panel discussion will explore how leaders can embed crucial, healthy working practices; fortifying the fabric of their organisations in the face of adversity.

Where to join: 

🌍 Kaleidoscope EMEA, London – 4 Oct, 5pm (book here)
🌎 Kaleidoscope US, online – 5 Oct, 12:45am (book here)
🌏 Kaleidoscope APAC, online – 5 Oct, 11:20am (book here)


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