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The Art & Science of Journaling recap

April 2, 2024

Dr. Kati Adeseko

Unmind Product Spotlight: Calendar Reminders


This February, our community took a deep dive into the enriching world of journaling with "The Art & Science of Journaling" workshop. Guided by the ever-insightful Unmind co-founder Steve Peralta, we explored the multifaceted benefits of journaling as a powerful tool for mental health and emotional well-being. This interactive session went beyond scribbling notes, it was an enlightening expedition into how journaling serves as a conduit for self-discovery and psychological resilience.

Unveiling Journaling's Power

Our workshop peeled back the layers of why journaling is much more than a pastime. We navigated through the science that underpins its therapeutic effects, uncovering how expressive writing enhances emotional health and bolsters our immune system. The discussions on gratitude journaling opened our eyes to appreciating life's small joys, enriching our daily experience with a newfound sense of contentment.

Key Takeaways and Personal Journeys

Participants left with valuable insights:

  • Journaling as a journey to the self, offering clarity and resilience.
  • The scientific backbone of journaling, highlighting its role in emotional and physical health.
  • The transformative practice of gratitude journaling amplifies joy in everyday life.
  • The profound impact of prompts in uncovering deep personal insights and fostering growth.

 Echoes from Our Attendees

The session resonated deeply within our community, with many sharing their enlightenment and gratitude:

“Love the session thank you so much it was really well explained and took my mind off work. It is so important to be mindful and be kind to yourself thank you”
“Thank you. These sessions are amazing. Please consider recording them, there are so many gems.”
“This session was more impactful than I ever could have imagined. I have never journaled before but the affect it had on me already by pushing me to think more deeply about my life, releasing everyday stress and building a more positive mindset is invaluable. Thank you Steve & Dr. Kati!”
“The session was great! The kindness, and empathy on how the topics were presented invites to actively participate in unmind and journaling. thank you for sharing. Cheers!”
 "This workshop was a sanctuary for my thoughts. I've discovered the untapped power of journaling in navigating my emotions."
 "I was skeptical about the impact of journaling, but this session has opened a new door for me. The science behind it is fascinating!"

What's next 

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