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Unmind 2022 releases: 100s of upgrades for workplace wellbeing transformation

Gavin Wade

VP of Product


This World Mental Health Day, we're releasing new category-defining manager wellbeing content, a more accessible and inclusive experience, easier ways to find expert content, and much more.

Grounded in the latest science, inspired by the need to help organisations to flourish, and crafted with a whole-person and whole-organisation approach, we’re introducing a raft of innovations to the Unmind platform to help usher in and support this next generation of mentally healthy companies.

We’ve expanded and improved pretty much every aspect of the Unmind experience – here are the highlights.

We're bringing wellbeing to more people

We’re a tech company all about the people. Because you need both to offer scalable, personalised and world-class wellbeing support. We’ve upgraded our platform to serve more people across your organisation, elevating the day-to-day employee experience to drive lasting cultural change.

Empowering managers as changemakers

Managing up and down, balancing self-care and care for their direct reports, meeting deadlines and ensuring their team hits theirs – the modern manager’s role is complex, fast-paced and incredibly demanding. For all those reasons, they’re also the people with the greatest opportunity to drive change. 

Manager wellbeing training is broken. HSE says there’s no evidence traditional one-off mental health training courses make a sustained positive impact.

So we’ve worked with leaders on the front line, as well as organsiational and clinical psychologists to create a new, Made For Managers portal. It has same grounding of science and quality of content you'll find in our platform, but Made For Managers content is tailored specifically to meet leaders at the moments when they need us most to help their teams flourish.

‘Made For Managers’ is:

  • Tailored for your managers and their challenges.
  • Ever-evolving for continuous learning.
  • Available on-demand and in bitesize chunks; designed for busy calendars.
  • Universally relevant – ideal for international teams.

Launching on World Mental Health Day

This World Mental Health Day, we’re launching part two of our ‘Workplace of Tomorrow’ Course and over 40 Shorts covering all aspects of organisational wellbeing, as part of our Made For Managers package.

Made for Managers_transparent

Early adopters at Samsung are already getting real value from Made For Managers:

“I feel empowered to be able to support my team and others in the organisation.” 

“The content is delivered in accessible modules, so it is easy to digest.”
“It is down to earth and gives perspectives from both sides, managers and team members.”


It has the same grounding of science and quality of content but is tailored specifically to support to meet them at the moments when they need it the most to help their teams flourish.


Delving deeper into workforce wellbeing

You might have heard us say this before: you can’t manage what you can’t measure. 

To make wellbeing truly a strategic priority across the whole organisation, People people need to be able to prove its impact in a meaningful way. 

That’s why we built the Workplace Index, a data-driven approach to providing a comprehensive view of organisational wellbeing, so you can get insights you need to drive lasting change. 

Workplace Index_transparent

Data is useless without action. We’ve developed our dashboard further to give you recommendations and strategies based on actions, content and events we can provide to you to change the wellbeing of your people and create a flourishing workforce. 

Unmind’s Workplace Index, designed by organisational psychologists, gives you access to 8 essential areas which shape your existing wellbeing culture:

  1. Fulfilment 
  2. Stress
  3. Social wellbeing
  4. Psychological safety 
  5. Manager support 
  6. Mental health maturity 
  7. Senior leadership support
  8. Organisational support 


With the Unmind Index, you'll get access to:

  • Global cross-industry benchmarking by org size and maturity.
  • Evidence-based insights on 24 essential metrics for wellbeing and performance.
  • Experts and support for shaping your wellbeing strategy.
  • Reporting and suggested actions to improve on areas needed.
  • A data profile to help you benchmark against others and shape your wellbeing strategy.

We've made Unmind more accessible

 We believe that everyone has a right to a healthy mind. So we’re focused on making our platform as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible.


The universal language of mental health

Our vision is a world where mental health is universally understood, nurtured and celebrated. Unmind is used in 115 countries by English-speaking users, but we needed to go further – and to talk our users’ language. 

We’re thrilled to announce Unmind is now available in:

  • EU French
  • LATAM Spanish
  • US English 

Then, landing in the New Year, we're also rolling out:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese

And we're talking transcreation. We don’t just translate, we use logical experts and psychologists to makes sure it’s culturally relevant to those regions.  

This makes Unmind available to nearly 4 billion people around the world.

Other languages_transparent


Inclusion is everything


Accessing Unmind in your native tongue is one thing, but language isn’t the only barrier to mental health and wellbeing support.

That’s why we’re raising our AA accessibility standards across the entire Unmind experience.

What does that actually mean? 

  • Our colours are legible to those with accessibility needs.
  • Navigation elements are consistent throughout the app and platform.
  • We’ve partnered with Fabel to test our accessibility on a monthly basis.

Hello SSO.

 We’ve all felt this frustration at a login screen. You’ve forgotten one of many many passwords or usernames that you need to sign in to your platform. 

So we’re rolled out single sign-on. Meaning you can access the app within a couple of clicks –without the need to remember your 100th password and username combination of the day.


We've simplified your Unmind experience

We often compare mental health to dental health to highlight the endless complexity of the human brain. (They say it’s the most complex thing in the known universe.)

So we’re trying to simplify it as much as possible.


A healthier mind is easier to find 

 People are unique. That’s the best bit about being human. We design our content to reflect the diverse needs of as many people as possible – so there’s a real breadth of it.

But we heard your feedback: our content wasn’t always easy to find. In fact, users only found what they were searching for 22% of the time. So we rebuilt the navigation from the ground up. 

We know you come to Unmind with a goal in mind. So you can now find exactly what you’re after by heading into Unmind and navigating using six core categories:

  • Sleep
  • Work
  • Body
  • Grow
  • Relax
  • Overcome

Through user testing, we found the new categorisation and navigation improved findability by 200%.

 Time is our most precious asset in life. And the content we consume is evolving to reflect that – we work in minutes and seconds rather than hours and days.

Some of our users were struggling to make time for Unmind and commit to long pieces of content that take sustained commitment. So we’re evolving to meet all users in the moments that matter.

So we're excited to soon be launching Collections.


What are Collections?

  • Bite-sized and easy-to-access nano content designed to fit into your life.
  • Punchy, logical and digestible content, made to be worked through in a way that suits you.
  • On your mobile app, you’ll now find one custom-made Collection narrated by Ruby Wax full of mindfulness-related activities.
  • Broad and holistic insights into a particular theme, technique or topic.
“We know how busy everyone is and how important it is that we can meet our users wherever they are at to ensure they can engage with our content in a way that is meaningful, impactful and effective. We hope Collections will do just that and especially hope that our new Ruby Wax Collection will debunk some common mindfulness myths and work with peoples’ daily routines.” 

Elliott King, Director of Content, Unmind.

You'll find over 700 hours of science-backed content helping you get the right care at the right time.


We’re just getting started.

 We’ll continue to release content for managers and employees, in more languages. We’re building more features, new tools, and working on resources for wellbeing champions and more. 

To find out more about how our new platform can help you drive lasting cultural change around mental health and wellbeing at work, chat to us

In the last half a decade since we built Unmind, we’ve seen incredible progress in how people understand mental health, but there’s still a long way to go. We know this next evolution of our product will help clients and employees do great things.


Watch the grand unveiling live

 Want to see our new release in action? For our annual wellbeing festival (Kaleidoscope 2022), Gavin Wade, VP of Product at Unmind revealed a sneak peek into where Unmind is going, and the exciting new features the team have been developing.

Watch it on demand here: