Unmind 2023 Summer Release

August 23, 2023

Unmind Product Spotlight: Calendar Reminders


The link between employee wellbeing and company performance is becoming increasingly clear. At the same time, economic uncertainty means the pressure is on to make the most of any investment, big or small. 

Employee wellbeing is the best investment a company can make. But it's not easy to prove it.

That’s why, for the past few months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to help you quantify the commercial value of employee wellbeing on your business, and work out where to invest for maximum impact. 

So what’s new? 

Quantify ROI with our free Financial Impact Calculator 

Our Financial Impact Calculator is an all-new feature of Unmind Insights

It calculates the cost of presenteeism, turnover and burnout in your business to help you demonstrate the ROI of investing in wellbeing. 

But it’s not just data. Our Financial Impact Calculator gives you actionable insights, so you can invest where it matters most.

We believe every wellbeing strategy should be underpinned by data. That’s why we’re making it available for everyone, for free. 

If your company isn’t yet using Unmind, book a call to try our free Financial Impact Calculator. 

Our Financial Impact Calculator

Boost employee uptake with Enterprise Enrolment 

It’s all well and good having a wellbeing strategy. But if you can’t get your people to engage with it, nothing will change.

Enterprise Enrolment is a series of nudges sent directly to all employees to maximise adoption and engagement of the Unmind platform. 

Early adopters have already seen some great results, doubling their team’s uptake of Unmind. 

Crisis support with Unmind Help

Unmind was founded on the belief that we should proactively nurture our mental health rather than wait for a crisis to happen. That we should teach people to swim rather than throwing them a life ring when they’re already drowning. 

But even if we teach everyone to swim, there will be times when the current is just too strong.

That’s why we’ve just launched Unmind Help — mental health crisis support within the Unmind platform.

It combines our proactive and preventative approach to mental health with immediate specialist support for those who need it, creating a complete end-to-end wellbeing solution. 

Find out more about Unmind Help.

Crisis support with Unmind Help

New Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations

We know it’s tough giving your employees yet another tool to get to grips with.

That’s why we’ve launched new integrations with both Slack and Microsoft Teams. By integrating with tools that people already use daily, we're making it easier for them to engage with their mental health during the work day. 

Admins can pin the Unmind app to the Teams side menu and employees will get reminders and messages directly in Teams, whether it’s time to complete their wellbeing tracker or just go stretch their legs.

Access Unmind within Microsoft Teams

Even more accurate wellbeing tracker scores 

Our wellbeing tracker helps your people to measure and manage their mental health, giving them scores in seven key areas of wellbeing such as sleep and fulfilment. 

In partnership with the University of Cambridge, we’ve evolved how we calculate these scores to improve their accuracy. 

The new scores are benchmarked against population averages, helping people to understand how they’re doing and how different areas of wellbeing compare to one another. 

Even more accurate wellbeing tracker scores

Invite a loved one to Unmind Talk

This great new feature allows your team to invite their family, friends and partners to access Unmind’s world-class wellbeing content.

Get in touch with your CSM to find out more about any of these updates. If you’re not yet partnered with us, book a call