Product Spotlight

Unmind for MS Teams: Bringing workplace wellbeing to life

Andrea Saez

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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Transforming workplace wellbeing, today’s Product Spotlight features Unmind for MS Teams. Crafted by our dedicated Workplace Engagement team, the app brings the value of mental health tools and resources directly where employees are, enhancing engagement and productivity. 

Why bringing wellbeing into work matters

When wellbeing is a part of the daily workflow, it creates a more positive and productive environment. Employees with access to mental health resources are typically more engaged, focused, and equipped to handle workplace challenges. This direct and effortless access to wellbeing tools within MS Teams creates an atmosphere where mental health is prioritized and openly supported, leading to a healthier, high-performing workplace.

Embedding wellbeing into daily workflows

At Unmind, we firmly believe in the profound impact that employee wellbeing has on organizational performance. Embedding Unmind with MS Teams marks a significant step in making vital wellbeing tools instantly available to every team member, right within their everyday work environment.

The Unmind MS Teams integration is a direct response to this. 

As we look to bring wellbeing to every part of the working day, the MS Teams app is designed to make everyone’s wellbeing journey accessible and engaging. Each feature is designed with the user in mind, ensuring that accessing and using these resources is as straightforward and engaging as possible. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Effortless installation: Designed for ease, enabling quick and hassle-free setup for all your entire organization.
  • Flexible user authentication: Secure access is a breeze, whether through Single Sign-On or standard login credentials.
  • Comprehensive wellbeing content library: A rich resource of wellbeing tools, including tracking, training, therapy session booking, and mental health support, all available within MS Teams.
  • Accessible start page: Both registered and unregistered employees can explore and experience Unmind's offerings, encouraging broader engagement.
  • Engaging notification bot: A welcoming touchpoint, the bot assists employees in activating their accounts and encourages them to explore the available wellbeing resources.
MS Teams - Unmind app

What’s next?

Unmind for MS Teams is a strategic solution for organizations committed to creating a healthy, productive work environment. By bringing wellbeing resources directly into an employee's daily workspace, it ensures wellbeing is seen as an active, seamless, integrated part of your day. For organizations looking to maximize their HR investments and genuinely impact their teams' wellbeing, Unmind for MS Teams is an important step forward.

Stay tuned as MS Teams continues to evolve - there is much more planned for the future, and we can’t wait to share with you. Unmind remains committed to making mental health and wellbeing a natural part of the workplace rhythm. We will continue to break down barriers to access and create an environment where wellbeing is a priority, every single day, with sustained focus, engagement, and increased employee happiness. 

By prioritizing mental health, we're setting a new standard in organizational health, where the benefits extend beyond individual wellbeing to enhance team dynamics, boost productivity, and drive business performance.