Product Spotlight

Unmind launches new MS Teams channel - and it’s an excellent success

June 27, 2024

Bader Hirzalla

Product Marketer

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The number one challenge HR leaders face today is maximizing their impact on business performance. HR leaders are continuously striving to provide the best benefits for their team's wellbeing. But they’re battling with an overwhelming number of systems that employees use in their day-to-day work, especially when accessing their benefits. Employees today have access to so many tools and systems, contributing to a growing challenge with engagement for wellbeing tools as a whole. Without engagement, HR leads are left feeling frustrated, as they’re not maximizing their budget for ROI and ultimately missing the opportunity to have a real impact on their people.

This month we launched our own capability to proactively communicate with employees globally via the MS Teams platform. This strategic move has already resulted in a 100% increase in our engagement rates with employees compared to email communication. This showcases an exciting new vista to enhance interaction with the Unmind platform.

Why multi-channel engagement is important 

MS Teams is already embedded in the daily workflow of millions of employees, making it an ideal platform for delivering important updates and wellbeing resources. This integration ensures that our messages are seen in a context where employees are already active and engaged. MS Teams works in cohesion with our recently released Notification Preference Center, empowering employees to stay up to date with the stuff they care about the most through the channels that work best for them. Organically improving engagement where it thrives for each individual, organization-wide. 

Not only does this keep us in adherence to GDPR laws in Europe, but it also drives higher engagement rates, resulting in employees being more likely to use the resources provided by Unmind. This proactive engagement helps promote a healthy, more productive workforce.

The impact on platform engagement

So far, we have seen over a 100% increase in the sign-up rate between users signing up to our exclusive Member Spaces via MS Teams messaging versus email. Member Spaces give employees the opportunity to join discussions on important topics ranging from thriving as a modern-day parent to the science behind what we eat and how it impacts our mental health, creating a community led by experts at Unmind. MS Teams, in parallel, allows users to keep on top of their mental health and wellbeing by having access to 700+ hours of wellbeing content.

Channel engagement

At Unmind, we understand that proactive engagement with wellbeing is an ongoing challenge and our aim with new channel launches such as this one, is to help our clients maximize their employee’s engagement with our platform. Solving the engagement challenge, ultimately drives more employees to be their happier selves and help businesses perform at their best. Without effective employee engagement with wellbeing, the challenge of low workplace productivity perpetuates, resulting in a rut of poor business performance.

How to enable MS Teams notifications

For your organization to start receiving messages from Unmind, follow the steps in our Help Center article. In it we also outline how to pin the Unmind App in MS Teams to enhance visibility and drive optimal adoption and engagement.

What’s next for MS Teams and Unmind?

With the MS Teams integration now in place, we've already observed a remarkable 100% increase in engagement. This success paves the way for further development of this channel, empowering HR leaders to maximize their impact on business performance through enhanced platform interaction.

Integrating Unmind with MS Teams seamlessly brings wellbeing support into the platforms employees use daily. This reduces the barriers to accessing wellbeing resources and boosts productivity across the entire organization.