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Research from UNiDAYS shows that 72% of students struggle with mental health at least once a week. For graduates, the world of work beckons where more than half of employees (54%) feel overworked and around 7 in 10 admit they are struggling. We need to buck the trend. 

Unmind is stepping up to provide students with the support and tools to proactively manage, understand and nurture their mental wellbeing for free.

For future graduates, this has been a university experience unlike any other. And not in a good way. On top of academic pressures, students have had to navigate increasing financial uncertainty, a cost-of-living crisis and a shrinking graduate jobs market, all during a global pandemic. 

The result is that chronic stress and mental ill-health have been normalised as a part of uni life, creating a culture where students enter their careers expecting more of the same. 

It’s not okay and it needs to change.

We believe it is the duty of companies, and their leaders, to create a mental health culture and that we need to lay down the right foundations for the next generation entering the workforce.

But don’t worry, there’ll be no lectures here. Unmind provides in-the-moment exercises, self-guided courses and personalised recommendations, on demand – giving students the power to manage their own wellbeing and tackle problems before they even start.

Students get entirely free access to mental health support for 12 months – allowing them to measure, understand, and maintain their wellbeing as they navigate this next stage of life.

Nick Taylor, CEO at Unmind said: “On top of everything students have experienced in the last few years, we know that transitioning from university to employment can present its own challenges to mental health. We want to help students to embed proactive mental health practices, enabling them to measure, understand, and maintain their wellbeing as they navigate this next stage of life. We believe this group of students can help set the standard for the next generation of workers that really prioritise their wellbeing.”

Alex Gallagher, Chief Strategy Officer at UNiDAYS said: “It’s no secret that the cost-of-living crisis is having a significant impact on all of us. And for students particularly, there has been unprecedented strain not only on completing their studies but how they equip themselves with the life skills to prepare for their journey ahead. That’s why we’re providing free access to this invaluable platform to unlock wellness opportunities for all students. Our mission is to champion and support students to ensure they can step into the world confidently. So, we’re excited to be helping them develop essential skills to nurture and celebrate their wellbeing.”

Watch: Steve Peralta, Unmind's Chief Wellbeing Officer, explains why Unmind and UNiDAYS are teaming up to support students.


How UNiDAYS members can sign up for a free 12 months of Unmind:


  1. Search 'Unmind' on

  2. Generate a UNiDAYSxUnmind ID

  3. Head to to log in

  4. Add your name, UNiDAYSxUnmind ID, and personal email or university/college email address

  5. Under Department, select 'Institution'

  6. Get your password and you're all set to log in

Whatever your future holds, Unmind will be there to help you flourish.



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