Product Spotlight

Unmind's Mood Tracker: A strategic investment in employee wellbeing

April 15, 2024

Andrea Saez

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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Meet Unmind’s Mood Tracker, a powerful feature designed to help employees understand and monitor their emotional wellbeing with ease. Employees can often feel stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. We all experience these emotions at some point, but sometimes it's hard to pinpoint exactly how we're feeling or why. Unmind offers a straightforward way to log emotions, track changes, and make informed decisions about mental health.

Why should I care about mood tracking?

Emotional health is a vital component of overall wellbeing, yet it's often overlooked. Regularly tracking moods can reveal patterns in emotional state changes, helping identify what uplifts or brings you down. With this information, employees can start identifying potential periods of stress or emotional downturns, enabling them to take action sooner. Understanding these patterns is the first step towards maintaining a more balanced life and enhancing emotional health. 

By being mindful and tracking moods daily, the Unmind Mood Tracker serves as a personal tool for emotional awareness, providing a daily platform to reflect on feelings and track emotional wellbeing.

How it works

Getting started with the mood tracker is easy:

  1. Access: On your mobile device, tap the "Track" icon at the bottom of the screen. On desktop, look for it at the top of your screen.
  2. Track: Select "Moods" and follow the prompt "Track your thoughts and feelings to reflect on your day."
  3. Record: Choose your overall mood from a range of options. You can also select specific feelings that resonate with you and leave a comment to provide further context for future reference.
  4. Review: Scroll down to see your average mood for the past month along with a detailed breakdown. You can also access all your previous entries, including the comments you left.

Unmind's Mood Tracker

All records and details remain anonymous for all users, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

What’s next?

As your organization looks to the future, equipping your teams with the Mood Tracker can help open up conversations about the importance of wellbeing and combat stigma around mental health at work. As an accessible tool to benefit all employees, the Mood Tracker can be part of your organization’s proactive wellbeing strategy promoting resilience and sustainable high performance.

Research shows that better mental health for employees is associated with better organizational performance. By prioritizing emotional well-being, employees can benefit from improved sleep, relationships, and resilience. At work, this can help us tackle challenges, foster great working relationships and perform more effectively. For leaders, these effects can have an even greater effect on team-wide wellbeing, with evidence that when leaders report better mental health, their teams are more likely to thrive.