February 2, 2022

What’s shaping workplace mental health in 2022 – HR leaders have their say

February 2, 2022
Kate Searight
Brand and Social Manager

Late last year, we polled 1,500 HR decision-makers around the world about key workplace mental health topics.

The results hold a mirror to a growing, and powerful trend. Or seven of them, to be exact:

  1. Mental health training (for all), as standard.

  2. Wellbeing champions as a compelling priority.

  3. Hybrid mental health solutions for a hybrid world.

  4. Proactive measures become common, alongside reactive ones.

  5. Workplaces start to break down stigma, for good.

  6. Company leaders meet the moment.

  7. ISO 45003 reinvents health and safety.


We also chatted to our trusted partners – to provide some informed, on-the-ground insight. 

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Charles Alberts is Head of Wellbeing Solutions UK at Aon, and Dr James Mackie is Senior Manager of Mental Health at BP. 

Here’s what they’re focusing on in 2022:

1. The rise of mental health training – at every level.*


“I believe mental health and wellbeing training shouldn’t be a one-off event, but a continual process of engaging people in what is a broad and fascinating topic that we can all relate to as human beings.

For maximum impact, I always recommend a programme of training using various different formats – such as online self-learning, facilitated group sessions and smaller intimate sessions where a safe space is created.”

Charles Alberts, Aon


(* But especially for those in charge…)


"In 2022, Training and skill development will be prominent, particularly for leaders and managers."

Dr James Mackie, BP

“With work-related stress, depression and anxiety at record levels, and increasing numbers of employees feeling worn out and burnt out by the events of the last two years, I believe the opportunity to genuinely improve mental health and wellbeing lies much closer to home – the workplace.

How we manage people, the work and demands placed on them, how we communicate and engage with them, are all opportunities to make a positive difference to people’s work lives.” 

Charles Alberts, Aon

HR Leaders Inside Blog

2. Proactive mental health support becomes the norm – though reactive measures remain vital.


“While in the past organisations have generally focused on reactive approaches to help individuals who are struggling, I expect to see a trend towards investment in more proactive approaches – helping individuals to grow their mental health and mental fitness."

Dr James Mackie, BP


3. And workforces will learn the language to smash stigma.


“To tackle stigma, we need to consider what causes it – such as a lack of knowledge, or a perception that a negative view is commonly held.

Employers have an opportunity to tackle stigma in their workplaces – through senior leaders engaging openly in the topic, colleagues sharing their own personal stories in a responsible manner, increasing mental health literacy, and clearly communicating the organisation’s stance on the topic.”

Charles Alberts, Aon

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