Helping people flourish at work

We give leaders expert mental health and wellbeing tools so they can create psychologically safe and engaged cultures, and empower employees to lead more fulfilling lives.

Measure it. Manage it.

Get science-backed wellbeing insights on an individual and organisational level. This means you can spot trends before they become problems, use data to shape your strategy, and prove the real-world impact of your investment – beyond the cells of a spreadsheet.

Proactive & preventative.

Our vast, varied content library is based on the key pillars of clinical psychology. Your people can access in-the-moment exercises, self-guided courses and personalised recommendations, on demand – giving them the power to manage their own wellbeing, and tackle problems before they even start.

Learn. Lead. Change.

Unmind's wellbeing-centred training platform gets right to the heart – and head – of modern leadership. With evolving, expert-led training in the art of empathetic management, your leaders can build the confidence they need to cultivate
psychologically safe, performance cultures.

Welcome to the
wellbeing community.

We bring together the wellbeing community
in regular ‘Spaces’ events. Our blend of exclusive, tailored and open gatherings bring together people from across organisations to listen, learn, and talk about making wellbeing central to work and life. Let’s build the future we want to see, together.

Supportive signposting.

Get confidential information about 24/7 helplines and local healthcare providers. Customise content to raise awareness of your own EAP, peer support, or other internal services.

Plus One.

Share the app with a friend or loved one for free with Plus One.

People are everything.

We combine market-leading tech solutions with outstanding people. Together they elevate the day-to-day employee experience while driving lasting cultural change. By partnering with us, you get access to our own experts, as well as our network of world-class collaborators.

Evidence-based cultural change

Our Science team lead industry thinking, partner with experts, continually research and evolve our wellbeing tools, and forward the scientific understanding of mental health.

The human touch to digital

Change at scale takes people, and tech, working together. Our Client Success team add the human touch to digital. We know that your organisation is as unique and complex as the people within it. We get under the skin of your business to help
you drive meaningful change.

Agents of change

United behind a passion for progressing
the topic of mental health and wellbeing,
our diverse team of collaborators partner with us to develop amazing content that
fits around your employees’ lifestyles.

We care about confidentiality

So we take data protection really seriously. All the employee wellbeing information that employers can access is aggregated and anonymised – so your people can use Unmind in full confidence. For more details on our information security practices, head to our Privacy Policy.

“I’m living and breathing Unmind! I genuinely find it supports my personal mental wellbeing and can always see in the data how it’s helping others too.”

Adam Weston

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

The right care at
the right time.

Our platform empowers employees with science-backed digital tools for proactively improving mental wellbeing.

Self-guided programmes

We work with world-class experts to create bite-sized and interactive courses for proactively looking after mental health. Whether it's improving sleep, nurturing relationships, reducing stress, or managing anxiety – there's something for all areas of life.

In-the-moment exercises

From mindfulness meditations to breathing exercises, sleep melodies to storytelling, yoga to healthy recipes, our tools can help you to relax, focus, unwind, and live more mindfully.

Science-backed insights

How is your mental health today? What about two weeks ago? We offer a variety of ways for everyone to assess their mental health and wellbeing – from standardised questionnaires to everyday mood diaries. This helps to reduce stigma and ambiguity, while also providing actionable insights and personalised tips.

Expressions of gratitude

Authentic compliments boost positivity by releasing feel-good hormones. This is good for our mental health and building a sense of connection with others. So when users see a colleague, friend, or family member do something praiseworthy, they can celebrate by sharing 'Praise'.

Supportive signposting

Just like physical health and dental health, it's normal to come up against challenges relating to our mental health from time-to-time. Unmind offers confidential information about 24/7 helplines and local healthcare providers. We can customise content for your team too ‑ enhancing awareness of EAPs, peer support, or other internal services.

An ongoing campaign for
cultural change

Launch day is when our partnership starts. Our Client Success team of workplace mental health advocates will partner with you to drive platform uptake and engagement, ensuring your organisation gets the full Unmind experience.

Gain wellbeing insights

Take a pulse check of your organisation's mental health from your real-time dashboard. Use these metrics to drive platform engagement, spot patterns, and make more informed decisions.

Maximise engagement

Whether it’s promoting new platform content releases or celebrating national awareness days, our ongoing campaigns will act as an in-house mental health champion to your organisation.

Join the community

From virtual and in-person events to social media communities and discussions, we’re building a community of progressive leaders united by a shared goal of creating mentally healthier workplaces.

“I’m living and breathing Unmind! I genuinely find it supports my personal mental wellbeing and can always see in the data how it’s helping others too.”

Adam Weston

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator