Celebrating our big & shiny new partnership with Culture Amp

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Power to the People people! Learn why our collab with the global pros in employee experience is spectacular news – for you and your team.

Announcing: Unmind x Culture Amp

Culture Amp and Unmind are on a mission to make work better.

Together, we’re driving cultural change in what modern work means. We feel that work should be a good thing – for our careers, sure. But also our mental health. Our sense of purpose. Our lives.

Today, Culture Amp and Unmind are announcing a strategic partnership that brings together science, people and technology to drive positive cultural change at work.

How? By using our shared expertise – in mental wellbeing, and the employee experience – to help companies better identify the causes of workplace anxieties, and address them in a way that gets results. For employees and the organisation alike.

The science of partnership

By bringing together the dual power of Culture Amp's engagement surveys with Unmind's Workpalce Index to your organisation, you can get a deeper understanding of mental health and wellbeing across the entire employee experience. 

With Unmind and Culture Amp, you can:

  • Track the impact of wellbeing initiatives, over time, on your employee engagement score.  
  • Support managers and teams to take targeted action to improve teams mental health and wellbeing.  
  • Understand the impact of burnout on employee retention.
  • Link individual employee mental health to higher performance and development.
  • Deliver personalised mental health support in the moments that matter.  

Nick Matthews, Vice President and General Manager EMEA at Culture Amp, said:

“Organisations have realised throughout the course of the global pandemic that employee mental health is now crucial, and even a differentiator in a highly competitive talent market.

“The Culture Amp and Unmind partnership solidifies the importance of organisations measuring the state of workplace mental health across their employees and taking relevant action through Unmind science-backed resources.”

Dr Nick Taylor, co-founder and CEO at Unmind, said:

“Culture Amp, like Unmind, is on a mission to drive cultural change. We do this together through thought leadership, community building and science.

“This partnership brings together expertise in listening, understanding and acting to build psychologically safe teams, inform people strategies and transform cultures. Our partnership is where purpose meets end product.”

Discover the power of partnership

Want to join Culture Amp – and other top companies, like Virgin Pulse, Gloat, and Aon – in teaming up with Unmind? Head to our partnerships page to find out more.