Customer Stories

How Entain 
is changing workplace wellbeing with modern manager training

May 4, 2023


The background

Entain plc is one of the biggest players in the betting and gaming industry, with a workforce of more than 25,000 people in 20 offices across five continents. A member of the FTSE 100, Entain’s brands have a combined heritage of a staggering 250 years.

To deliver great customer experiences, Entain knew they had to first deliver great employee experiences. So in 2020, they partnered with Unmind to empower their international workforce to proactively nurture their mental health.

The challenge

Fast-forward to 2022, when Entain ran a global survey to assess their full wellbeing ecosystem. They discovered an eye-opening link between manager conversations and employee burnout. The more regular, open and authentic conversations people had with managers, the less people experienced burnout.

The need for manager training, at scale, was clear. And so Entain entered the next chapter of their partnership with Unmind: the gaming giant rolled out our industry-leading Workplace of Tomorrow training course across their retail population.

Stella Gavinho, Group Head of Wellbeing, who championed the initiative, explains: “We wanted to help managers nurture the right conversations and better support their teams, so giving them access to Unmind Managers was a no-brainer.”

The solution

Unmind Managers is training done differently. It’s all about building cultural wellbeing rituals and equipping managers to have supportive conversations, giving practical support on topics that really matter –such as self-care, managing stress and anxiety, financial wellbeing and understanding neurodiversity.

“It is very easy to say, ‘you should have more conversations’,” says Stella, “but you need to give people the skills and confidence to do that. You have to lay the foundations 
on mental health and give everyone the same basic skills.”

The results

96% of managers completed the training
96% said they found the training helpful
68% had already taken action to support their own or others’ 
mental health just days after finishing the course

The results have been immediate and striking. The stats 
speak for themselves.

Managers also reported that they felt more able to spot when a colleague might be struggling with their mental health, more confident in their ability to nurture their team’s mental health, and better equipped to help a colleague 
who needed it.

Employees are reaping the rewards of a healthy Mental Health & Wellbeing culture. Managers have been giving 
the training rave reviews. Thomas Brooks, Retail Learning Business Partner, said, 
“It's fantastic to hear so much positive feedback for this training -  a massive win.”

“We wanted our managers to have the basic skills to create that culture of psychological safety," says Stella, "Ultimately this leads to happier and better performing teams."