Unmind 2024 Winter Release

January 31, 2024

Andrea Saez

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Unmind Product Spotlight: Calendar Reminders


As we step into the new year, we're thrilled to unveil Unmind's 2024 Product Roadmap. This year, we're upping the game with groundbreaking innovations designed to boost both organizational and employee mental health and wellbeing. Let me give you a sneak peek into some of the amazing features we've got lined up. 

Unmind Integrations: Elevating wellbeing seamlessly

First up, we're taking workplace wellbeing to new heights with a brand new set of integrations. Our recent MS Teams app was just the beginning. It's already making a massive difference, leading to a fivefold impact on wellbeing investment. In 2024, we’re pushing the boundaries even further.

We're introducing an intelligent Outlook calendar integration to identify burnout indicators and suggest active recovery times. We’re also launching a tool that embeds wellbeing into Teams meetings and 1:1s, enhancing performance conversations. Employees will receive personalized actions for improving wellbeing, while managers will get tools to support their teams and create a safe, productive environment.

Unmind in MS Teams

Unmind Talk: Digital therapy and coaching reimagined

We're enhancing our digital therapy and coaching platform, Talk, and providing timely human support globally. We’ve also rolled out a measurement-based care tool. This feature not only helps track wellbeing improvements, but helps practitioners ensure they’re providing the right care, at the right time. Plus, AI-guided practitioner matching is on the way, ensuring employees find the right expert effortlessly.

Session Prep - Measurement-based care in Unmind

Organizational Insights: Data-driven mental health solutions

Data-driven wellbeing is the future. That's why we're evolving our data insights and analysis methods with the launch of Organizational Insights. By leveraging multiple data inputs, we're providing a comprehensive view of risk factors affecting workplace mental health. This approach aligns with upcoming ESG regulations and offers leaders invaluable insights into team risks, ROI, ESG performance, and wellbeing strategies.

Organizational Insights

AI Coach: A new era of mental health support

Last but not least we have our brand new AI Coach, now in beta. It’s a game-changer, offering 24/7 support on various mental health topics. Trained with over 700 hours of mental health content, it's designed to provide personalized recommendations and coaching. It's perfect for helping employees manage their wellbeing and achieve personal and professional goals. It's also a valuable resource for managers, offering instant guidance and education to foster safe, healthy workplaces. And the best part? It integrates seamlessly with MS Teams and is available in multiple languages from day one!

What’s next?

2024 is promising to be a very exciting year. We’re working hard to continue to bring you everything you need to drive transformational change in the culture of wellbeing at work – with a whole person, whole organization approach. 

For more on what we have planned for 2024, be sure to watch Unmind CEO Dr. Nick Taylor below!