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How mental ill-health risks workplace safety (and how to protect your staff)

Sam Musguin-Rowe


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Introducing our new handbook: Understanding the link between mental health and workplace safety. An in-depth guide on the importance of staying (physically) safe and (mentally) sound. It outlines what steps employers can take to safeguard their employees, and underscores the power of a proactive wellbeing strategy.

Our physical and mental health are entwined. So much so that, if you impact one, the other sees a ripple.

Today’s workplace is no different. When an employee experiences a mental issue, this threatens more than their focus – it puts their physical safety, and those around them, at risk. This is a serious concern in any field, but when applied to industries known for occupational hazards – like agriculture, manufacturing, and construction – the danger could be serious injury, or even death.

Now, consider the fact that we all have mental health, all the time; in the same way we do physical health. And that, every year, 1 in 6 UK adults experience mental illness. Put together – alongside the bond between psychological ill-health and safety – this means mere awareness of mental wellbeing is not enough.

To be a truly responsible employer, it’s time to pursue a truly proactive mental health strategy. One that’s built to stop issues – like unnecessary workplace accidents, as aresult of mental ill-health – from happening. After all, why invest in something that springs into action once disaster strikes, if you can adopt a strategy to prevent it altogether?

This new handbook explores the above in detail, as well as what leading bodies – from government agencies to fledgling safety standards – are doing to help. Get your free copy to discover:

  • The link between mental ill-health and physical risk. 
  • Why the whole-person approach to mental health is key to supporting not just psychological wellbeing, but also social and physical risk factors.
  • Why basic concerns, like sleep or calmness, can have a major impact on our physical safety and wellbeing.
  • How digital, scalable tools can empower progressive companies to support their workforce.


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