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Naomi Lucking


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"Talking about mental health isn’t always easy, but a conversation has the power to change lives." - Time to Talk Day

Today we’re celebrating Time to Talk Day in the UK, because everyone should be given the space to open up about their mental health at work.

But talking isn’t easy. The stigma around mental health means many of us are afraid to be too honest with our colleagues. And while managers can be crucial in creating mentally healthy workplaces, they’re not therapists.

That’s why lots of employers rely on the traditional Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) model to give their people a professional to talk to. But EAPs are broken.

Few employees phone their EAP's call centre. When they do, many callers who need therapy are rejected.

Employees need someone to talk to. Someone with the knowledge and skills to give them the support they need. Someone they can reach out to easily, who speaks their language and is available when they need them.

Enter: Unmind Talk.

What is Unmind Talk?

Unmind Talk unlocks access to a global network of accredited mental health practitioners, offering employees someone to talk to and the support they need within moments through the Unmind platform.

For employees:

  • Relatable connections: Pick a practitioner based on your own values and areas of focus.
  • Designed around you: The number of sessions are personalised to your needs and bookable in just four taps.
  • Wellbeing that works: Access Unmind content so support doesn’t end when the session does.

For employers:

  • Truly global support: Instant access to fully accredited practitioners, covering 50+ languages across all major timezones.
  • Built for enterprise: Meeting employees where they’re at, catering to the diverse technical needs of global teams.
  • Actionable insights: Anonymised data to help inform decisions to improve workplace cultures.

An all-in-one wellbeing solution

When it comes to wellbeing, we’ve always believed prevention is better than cure. That’s why we created a platform that gives people the tools they need to nurture their own mental health before problems begin.

But we knew that we needed to do more. We needed to expand the Unmind platform ensuring full support for all employees, whatever stage they’re at.

Unmind Talk has been born from our recent acquisition of Frankie Health, the best-in-class digital platform that connects a global network of mental health practitioners to corporate clients.

With Unmind Talk, Unmind becomes a truly holistic workplace wellbeing solution with the best of both worlds: a digital tool to help people proactively nurture their mental health, and human support for anyone who needs it.

Let's talk about Unmind Talk