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Our digital tools – available on your smartphone or computer – support all areas of life, from sleep, stress and coping, to relationships, parenting and menopause.

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Measure and improve your wellbeing

How is your mental health today? How about two weeks ago? Unmind enables you to measure your wellbeing across the key elements of life that impact mental health. Reflect on how they fluctuate over time, and learn what nourishes and depletes them. Our tools can help you improve:

  • Sleep, and your satisfaction with it.
  • Coping, for when things get stressful.
  • Fulfilment in life and work.
  • Physical health and wellbeing.
  • Calmness under pressure.
  • Happiness and zest for life.
  • Connection with colleagues, friends and loved ones.

Meet your new wellbeing coaches...

Dr Kat Lederle
Founder & Director, Sleep Services, Somnia

Dr Kat is a sleep specialist, combing 15 years' learnings with scientific study to analyse and improve peoples' sleep.

Gabriella Espinosa
Founder, Women's Body Wisdom

Gabriella is devoted to empowering women to embrace the natural transition into menopause and beyond through nutrition, lifestyle, yoga and meditation.

Abi Adams
Founder, Project Woman, and movement coach

Abi is a movement, menstruation and mindset specialist bridging the gap between science and woman's intuition.

Debbie Edwards
Founder, The Gentle Leader, and career coach

Debbie is a performance and leadership coach and mentor, working with visionary leaders, championing authenticity.

Dr Shahzadi Harper
Founder, The Harper Clinic

Shahzadi is a medical doctor specialising in menopause health. Her clinic offers holistic and integrative care.

Henny Flynn
Founder, The Positive Menopause, and life coach

Henny coaches women through deep and lasting change. Her method is built on a bedrock of self-care, grounded in systemic and constellation coaching.

Pamela Windle
Health coach, hypnotherapist and hormone specialist

Pamela is a women's health coach devoted to helping organisations build confidence and empowerment around women's health issues.

Rebekah Brown
Founder, MPowder

Rebekah is the founder of MPowder, a co-created whole food supplement range and community developed with expert practitioners.

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"Being on the frontline has been very stressful and challenging. Unmind’s Tools help refocus the mind and body during extremely busy times. I shared the app with my sister, who is also on the frontline, and we’ve both found it invaluable."

NHS worker

Helping NHS heroes: 4 Unmind stories from the frontline

Since March 2020, Unmind has offered every NHS employee free, unrestricted access to our platform – to support their mental wellbeing during the pandemic.

This post looks at how four frontline NHS workers used our tools and resources to meet the demands of the day.

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