Tackle workplace wellbeing's 'trillion-dollar challenge'

In 2023, we need to be impatient. Why? Because mental ill-health costs the global economy around one trillion US dollars. Every year. And because behind every number is a human tale. A friend facing addiction. A team spiralling into burnout. A workmate contemplating suicide.

In this report, we surveyed 850 demographically diverse HR leaders at large companies around the world. Then turned their insights into nine, easy-to-understand trends, with actionable steps to help shape your wellbeing strategy – in 2023 and beyond.

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  • The power of data in driving wellbeing strategy, why measurement matters, and how science is now sexy (yes, really).
  • How to build psychologically safe cultures, while demonstrating the impact of your wellbeing spend.
  • The role managers, HR and wellbeing champions have to play in fostering positive mental health – as well as the workplace itself.
  • Why financial health is a workplace issue, and how to smash outdated stigma.
  • What leaders from global firms think will shape the wellbeing agenda throughout 2023.

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