A whole-person, whole-organisation approach.

Our mental health is determined by many aspects of life. By taking a whole-person approach to supporting it, we can help people and organisations to thrive.

The tipping point

The last decade has seen a huge shift in the way we think and talk about mental health as a society. Research has shown that improving mental health isn’t just a human imperative, but an economic one too.

1 in 6

employees will experience mental ill-health this year.


the annual cost of mental ill-health to UK employers.


of managers believe there are barriers to supporting colleagues.

Rebranding mental health

Workplace mental health initiatives have typically supported the 1 in 6 employees experiencing challenges. But, by proactively focussing on the 6 in 6, we can prevent these problems before they arise while promoting the sense of purpose and direction that come with good mental health.

We all have it, all of the time

Our mental wellbeing is determined by many factors in life, from physical fitness and relationships to self-esteem. These can broadly be categorised into three areas – with each evolving and changing throughout our lives.

1 Psychological

Thoughts, emotions, and personality.

2 Social

Relationships, family, and wider culture.

3 Physical

Biological make-up, fitness, and brain health.

Proactive and scalable support

By proactively supporting these aspects of life, Unmind takes a whole-person approach to mental health. Underpinned by clinical psychology and powered by technology, the platform helps employees to measure and manage their own mental health across seven key areas of wellbeing.

1 Fulfilment
2 Coping
3 Calmness
4 Happiness
5 Connection
6 Health
7 Sleep

With the right support at the right time, we can help to mitigate mental ill-health, and give people the tools they need to flourish in life.

Healthier, happier, more human workplaces

Every mind is unique – and we all exist on spectrums, from surviving to thriving. Inclusive of all our aspirations, the whole-person approach supports the whole organisation.

1 Performance

Empower your people to thrive in work and life.

2 Culture

Unite your organisation behind openness and authenticity.

3 Reputation

Inspire society and build a more inclusive employee and customer experience.

How the platform works

Here's how the whole-person approach can be brought to life within your organisation.