Goodbye EAP, hello ESP: WEBINAR

3pm BST / 10am EST


Goodbye EAP, hello ESP – A new approach to employee assistance:

From brushing our teeth to going to the gym, it pays to think long-term when it comes to wellbeing.

More employees than ever are seeking help for complex and often serious wellbeing concerns like burnout, stress and anxiety. As a result, 12bn working days are lost every year to poor mental health – costing £1tn in lost productivity globally.

This is coming at a huge cost to both employees and organizations. It’s clear: reactive, short-term support is only acting as a plaster – it’s not enough to meet the dynamic needs of today’s teams.

A more effective approach to workplace wellbeing strategies is to give people the right care at the right time, empowering sustainable high performance.

We believe assistance is reactive, and insufficient on its own. A proactive approach towards sustainability is the future.

So let’s fix the traditional EAP and instead give our people Employee Sustainability Programmes (ESP).

During this webinar we discussed:
  • What employee sustainability is, and why employers should care.
  • Why sustainability over assistance? The benefits of proactively supporting employees through a whole-person, whole-organisation strategy. 
  • How Unmind’s evolved approach builds sustainable high performance.


Laura Cheesewright
Laura Cheesewright

Senior Solutions Specialist

Jocelyn Loren Pepe
Jocelyn Loren Pepe

Founding Partner, Head Of Wellbeing at TrU

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