Webinar: Neurodiversity Celebration Week

4pm GMT/Noon EST

Celebrating Neurodiversity: Taking a strengths-based approach in the workplace

It’s time to reframe the narrative around neurodiversity at work. With neuro-inclusive teams performing better, making smarter decisions and driving stronger results, it’s what we can do that matters.

That’s why experts are recommending taking a strengths-based approach, creating a culture that supports and amplifies individuals’ skills and talents.

Across all neurodiverse diagnoses, research shows neurodiverse employees are creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. People with neuro-differences also make good specialists and are often strategic and unconventional thinkers. These are precisely the kind of skills the World Economic Forum predicts will be most in demand in the future.

To mark this year’s Neurodiversity Celebration Week, Unmind was joined by special guest speaker Dr Tiffany James to discuss:

  • The value of neurodiversity in the workplace.
  • Practical tips for managers on creating neuro-inclusive teams.
  • Advice for neurodiverse employees about leaning into their strengths and flourishing at work.


Dr Anthony Newton
Dr Anthony Newton

Organizational Psychologist at Unmind

Dr Tiffany Jameson
Dr Tiffany Jameson

Organizational Psychologist, Founder of grit & flow and LinkedIn Learning Instructor - Neurodiversity.

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